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hands-on-solutions.com has been working in the Banner and Oracle technical world since 1990. 

It’s a big leap from Oracle 4 to 11G - and an even bigger one from Banner 1 to Banner 9.  From terminals to client server to the web, hands-on-solutions has been through it, all over the world, and with hundreds of institutions.  We can help you get through it, too. 

Our emphasis is Technical Consulting, but our broad experience reaches from Technical to Functional.  We subscribe to the old SCT’ers motto:  “If we don’t have the answer right away, we will get it”

A lot of us are former SCT’ers.  We have a spirit of getting things done, and soon.  If we don’t have immediate expertise in your area, we can get it, and get it fast.   As a “Clearing House”, hands-on-solutions.com works with a wide variety of vendors, recruiters, consultants and customers.  Only people we know - have worked with before, and can recommend without reservation.  We want to help you over the immediate hurdle, then on and over the next one. 

There is always a next one.  Your investment keeps growing, and hands-on-solutions.com can help you grow with it.

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